S Bar B Chingadero  x  Noble-T Rockelle


Thank You Jesse Cooling of Grande Prairie
I am excited to see what your future holds

Pictured above at 1+ year.  All above Photos from Jesse Cooling

Chestnut Colt with LOTS of white mane and tail hairs
Born May 10, 2014

aka    PEPPER

A very cute very compact colt with his momma's big eyes!  Well built colt with all the right angles, a HUGE butt and LOTS of Bone!  He's got the best from both sire & dam.  I can hardly wait to see how he grows up. 

He Is Impressive!

PEPPER has an amazing pedigree.  The Best of the Best!  You just have to have a won't be disappointed.  H-Saracen, Chingadero, Funquest on top.
Ramuls Rascal, 2x Ramuls Justin on bottom just to name a few.

If you are looking for a Cow Horse master...this is your colt!  Cutting, Reining, Working Cow...

A Gentle Old Soul Disposition.
He is chestnut with what is looking to be a possible flaxen mane and tail and a nice poppy gentle eye. Very friendly colt who is easy to work with.  Alert and aware of his surroundings and trusting of his handler.  He has that gentle peppiness to him.  He has the cowhorse attitude.

 Pepper is showing all the right stuff and quality for a stallion and deserves the chance to be a stud prospect but would also make one amazing gelding! His dam, Noble-T Rockelle has been my favorite all around go to riding mare for years. Trained in cutting and turn back with some reining. She is an amazing mare! Built like a tank, agile like a cat, gentle as a lamb...this colt is just like his mom.  Pepper's sire, is the handsome and well known Black Foundation Morgan Stallion,
S Bar B Chingadero.

 Pepper's High % Foundation and strong Western Working bloodlines make him an excellent future candidate under saddle for all Western Disciplines but especially Reining, Cutting & Ranch Work.
An excellent quality colt with unlimited potential and a pedigree to back him up.

DAM - Noble-T Rockelle - 14.3hh Flaxen

SIRE - S Bar B Chingadero - 15hh Black