De Novo Shameless  x  CFM Essence Of Time

2007  Chestnut Min Sabino  15.1HH Gelding
CMHA Reg #15782

Thank You to Barb Tracey

I wish this duo all the best and cannot wait to cheer them on.
Congrats Barb!

This Charismatic Chromed-up Chestnut guy is a real cool dude with a sweet heart never boring personality who is extremely sensitive to his handler and surroundings. He stands a true and solid 15.1HH barefoot with a fresh trim and an actual height measuring stick.  He has lots of bone and excellent huge solid feet.  He has a beautiful eye and a very proportionate build that compliments his strong conformation.  Nice length of neck, sloping shoulder  and proportionate hip.  Excellent overall conformation.