Work & Play & Show Work & Play & Show Shamelessly Exotic Competing in Dressage in Ontario 190484226 CFR HollyWood Wrangler Hunter Pleasure at the Western Canadian Championships 2013 190484227 Bela`s Cocoa Justine 190484228 Parade Arboria Apollo`s Pride and CFR Double XL at side participating in a parade 190484269 CFR Double XL Loving all the attention at a parade 190484270 Calgary Stampede Noble-T Rockelle at the Calgary Stampede 190484271 Shamelessly Exotic 190484272 Cowboy Dressage Clinic Lisa on Bela`s Cocoa Justine and Jessie St John on JCS Glory Road at the Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Eitan Beth-Halachmy August 2013 190484273 Cool Compadre Calving Time 190484279 Cool Compadre Calving time with an aggressive momma and calm 190484281 Noble-T Rockelle Rockelle with her friend Brianna 190484282 Arboria Apollo`s Pride 190484283 CFM Essence Of Time Trail Riding in the badlands 190484284 Going Home Going Home after changing pastures 190484437 Shamelessly Exotic In Competition in Ontario 190484438 CFM Essence Of Time Trail Break in the River 190484439 Brent & Wrangler Our friend Brent Trout with Wrangler 190484442 Bela`s Cocoa Justine 190484728 CFM HollyWood Wrangler Western Canadian Championships 2013 190484729 Lisa & Eitan Lisa and Eitan with Bela`s Cocoa Justine at the Cowboy Dressage Clinic 2013 190484761 Evening Ride Joey and Noble-T Rockelle 190484762 CFR HollyWood Wrangler 190484763 Noble-T Rockelle at The Calgary Stampede Calgary Stampede making friends 190484764 Eitan Beth-Halachmy with Coco Eitan riding Cocoa at the Cowboy Dressage Clinic 190484766 Cool Compadre moving cows 190484767 Team Roping 190484779 Taking A Break 190484784 Cool Compadre Checking Cows 190484789 Changing Pastures 190484792