A-One Copperlees Phoenix  x  Sweet Iron Anisette

2011  Smoky Black  100% Foundation  15.1hh 
CMHA# 16678    AMHA# 0186229


We feel really lucky finding this absolutely beautiful big 100% Foundation amazing young mare.  She is a large mare with incredible bone, muscling and type!   A gorgeous thick long mane and tail.   Very personable and friendly...if she could crawl in your pocket she most definitely would.  The one picture below shows her true disposition and how suiting her chosen name is...Shadow.   She has her started  work under saddle but has not yet been ridden.  A really nice mare standing at 15.1-1/2hh. 
This is a super awesome mare.  I absolutely adore her.  I had considered selling her since we aren't breeding right now but I like her so much that I cannot part with her.  I looked so very long (well over 1-1/2 to 2 years all over North America) for a mare of her size while maintaining that true Morgan type is next to impossible so we are keeping her.

Shadow's training  resumed summer  of 2018 when she was sent for driving training.  She has 8 weeks of driving training and is going very nicely in harness.