Reg #17520


S Bar B Chingadero x STM Twister Alley

Born June 15, 2015



Kathleen Mehrer

Bellingham, WA, USA

A Vaquero's Dream Horse!!!!

A very solid Old Style black colt with no white, amazing bone and sporting 1/3 Funquest Lines, Chingadero, Ramuls Justin and Beckridge Como...check out his pedigree on the above link.  There are no show lines in his pedigree...all old school.

Right from Day 1 he LOVES to canter.  He gets is butt right underneath himself when he stops and then spins right around rolling into this amazing slow rocking horse canter all while is something to see and just makes you count the years to be able to ride him.  Don't get me wrong, this colt can trot too!  A wonderful fluent floaty 2 beat trot...what more can you ask for???  A Morgan who can trot but LOVES to canter!  And not 'just' canter BUT a natural slow rocking horse canter that the Vaqueros would die for! 

This is a colt that makes you take notice and is one that will be noticed.  

I feel he will make an excellent gelding.  Yes he is very nice and demands your attention and he will make a super amazing gelding.  His date with the doctor is April 27.

If you are looking for the Classic Old Style Morgan with gentle loving eyes, HUGE compact build, large boned and good conformation, big strong hip, nicely angled shoulder, thick archy  neck and very athletic...this hunky chunk is worth your consideration.

His disposition is very gentle yet extremely athletic with energy to burn.  He likes attention and to be with you but is not an in your face guy and respects your space.  He has a very busy mind and likes to play with his many toys and the dogs.  He is very quick to learn and likes to please.  He stands excellently for the farrier and grooming.  Willingly picks up all 4 feet with no issues.  He is leading  well, starting to pivot well on front and hind with good cross overs.

As of mid Dec, 2015 he stands 13hh...mid March 2016 he stood just under 13.2hh  He will likely mature at +/- 15h.

Pictured below at 9 months.  March 11, 2016.  13.1-1/2hh

Pictured Below at 16-1/2 Weeks

Pictured Below at 3-1/2 Months

Pictured at 3 months

Pictured At 8 Weeks

Pictured Below at 6 Weeks

Pictured Below at 28 Days

Pictured Below at 18 Days

Pictured Below at 9 Days Of Age

Pictured Below at 5 Days Of Age

Pictured at only 3 Days Old