CFR Diamond Saracena 

S Bar B Chingadero x Bela's Blue Curacao
2017 Flaxen Chestnut Filly 
Stick measured...14.1hh  
Expected maturity 14.3/15hh


4th time for this cross and the very last S Bar B Chingadero foal and what a flashy flaxen gift she is.  Her mane is quite white.  She is what her picture portrays...a true blessing to have this filly.  I just adore this cross.  This filly reminds me so much of Ching with her gentle eye.  

Lady Di is a really special filly.  She is not upheaded with the typical Morgan archy neck.  I feel she would be a great reining, Cowboy Dressage, Hunt & Harness prospect with her floating gates that are so stretchy and fluid.  She is green at her halter training but is coming along nicely.  Very friendly and easy to catch.  This filly has amazing trust and try.  She just blows me away everytime we go for a walk together.  She has always been independent and leads around the yard by herself with no fuss, no calling, no worrying...just a real cool filly that really impresses.  She has not been trailered.  She has not been spoiled or pampered.  As stated she is Green at Halter and her price will increase with training.   What an opportunity to get amazing old working bloodlines.  

Please contact for price with your name, location, experience, budget and what you are looking for.

CFR Diamond Saracena pictured at 3 months