S Bar B Chingadero x Noble-T Rockelle

2016 Flaxen Filly
CMHA# 17836
Current Height 14.3-1/2hh stick measured
Expected Maturity 15hh+/-

This Filly takes my breath away!  She is a dream come true and I just adore her.  I think it is safe to say that I am completely barn blind on this one ;)  She is very special to me... Her beauty and correct conformation is very hard to capture on camera...I either don't have the camera or she has her nose on the camera  even when I am hiding in the trees.

This Filly is such an amazing combination of Rockelle and Ching.  She has Rockelle's super cool color and appearance with Ching's perfect neck, her disposition is willing and full of try with some sizzle and well what can I say, She is Perfect!  She has that natural curvy arched neck with breathtaking natural gaits.  And HOLY COW is she athletic!  Blow your mind at how fast she can dig down with almost her belly touch the ground and swing back and canter off the other direction with that slow rocking horse canter.  

Leads, Loads, Ties, friendly and easy to catch.  Good for worming, vaccinations & farrier.  She is Halter broke ONLY...No ground work or saddle training done.  She is a horse and lives outside in a herd with other morgans.  She has not been spoiled.  She is not a deadhead, but is not mean.  She is very willing and tries hard.  She does not like to be alone.  

3 Years Old...November 2019...Foundation Training

3 Years Old...August 2019...Open Barn and first time with obstacles

2 Years Old...June 2018

1 Year Old...Summer of 2017