Ramul's Justin x Mystiks Black Ember (by Ramuls Rascal x Ramuls Justin)

2007 Chestnut 14.2-3/4 to 14.3hh 
CMHA# 15734


Abby is a fabulous mare with TONS of personality and very athletic.  She is very well trained and has a fabulous spin and rollback.   A super fun mare who is a gorgeous typey double bred Ramuls Justin bred mare who is a Ramuls Justin daughter who doubles up through the rare stallion, Ramuls Rascal.  Not just another pretty face but is well bred, Abby is sporting an excellent Portfolio with a training foundation in cutting from her breeder, Tom Noble plus pleasure ridden in basic training level dressage and  trail miles from her previous owner.  This mare has moves that make everyone stop and stare!  She has a hole digging speedy spin and snappy roll back...As her pedigree says, she is very athletic with an amazing Canter.  A natural soft rounded canter with that hard to find impulsion and propulsion...She's a natural who just wants to please.  This mare has the most incredible personality and is so very personable and chatty.  She would make a great Liberty partner and could be a fantastic horse for our daughter in a couple years if she doesn't find a new home.

As you can see in the picture she has a scar on her left shoulder that she had when I bought her but has not affected her to date.  Abby is a fun zippy mare although she is very out of shape and requires conditioning.  She is very smart and will test her rider to see if she can get away with something.  Nothing mean or nasty but because of this she requires a rider with some experience, knowledge and confidence.  She needs someone who is not timid nor afraid to immediately get after her and correct her or else she will dramatize it.  Not for a beginner or New Horse Owner.  Abby loves to be pampered with attention and tlc.  She has a quirky herd position and tends to bond with one horse and will protect & keep that horse from the herd.  She would do best with 1 or 2 other horses as herd mates instead of running in a herd.  Excellent manners for farrier. Easy to worm and vaccinate, Loads well. Stands to be tacked, will stand by a mounting block, 3 easy riding gates, picks up leads, responsive to leg aids, needs work on gate extensions, can open/close gates...just a super cool mare that I can't say enough about.  As a typical Morgan she is an easy keeper so cannot be on free choice feed.

Abby lives in a herd of 7 other Morgans.  She stays outside 24/7 however her previous owner kept her inside at night and a small paddock during the day.   

Abby was exposed to a stallion spring 2018 and was not able to get in foal so she sells as not breeding sound.