Mystik's Mel Tango  x  Ayesha's Miss Model

2001  Flaxen  14.3HH  98.8% Foundation
CMHA Reg #12366    AMHA Reg #0173519


I never ever thought there would come a time that I would offer this amazing beautiful mare.  This has not at all been an easy decision and it breaks my heart.  She will only go to an approved home.  

Rockelle is an amazing Flashy Smutty Flaxen mare with incredible solid working lines and an unbeatable training foundation.  Turn Back/Cutting, Reining, Pleasure and we have played with some roping.
Rockelle has the sweetest & most gentle forgiving disposition ever.  What can we say about her, except that she is just simply amazing every way you look at her.


Rockelle fast became one of the most used and best cattle horses before moving to Saskatchewan.  Very dependable, eager to work, and incredibly cowy and catty. She loves to cut and sort.  

Rockelle is the well trained horse that everyone rides.  She is the main star for first time and beginner riders under supervision in a controlled environment.  She is amazing and just is so careful at keeping all the riders comfortable, but when asked by the experienced partner she has BIG moves & Speed even though she prefers to go slow.  Rockelle is not a dead head.  

As her pedigree says, Rockelle is very athletic with that slow easy going natural rocking horse canter that everyone dreams of.  As with our other Ramuls Justin bred mares, Rockelle can Canter!  And what a canter...WOW.  This mare is a dream horse and is also an excellent producer!

Rockelle lives outside in a herd.  She prefers to stay out and doesn't like to be penned up or be kept alone.

OPEN for 2017 and 2018.

Bred for April 28, 2019 foal to TangoWood's Wings Of War